Kinto To-Go French Press Mug (Set of 2)

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A pressed-for-time french press. 

We all have our preferred coffee brewing method—Chemex, drip, pour over... For the french press fans, this to-go mug version is a life-changer. The built-in strainer and plunger lets you brew right into the handled, double-walled (a.k.a. insulated) mug—it’s great for loose leaf tea, too. The brew is ready in mere minutes on your most harried of mornings, no additional gadgets needed. Pop on the top, and go! It might just make those Chemex devotees a french press convert after all. 

Made in: China 

Made of: BPA-free ABS resin 

Size: Includes 2 mugs. Each mug is 3.6" in diameter x 5" H, holds 8.5 ounces. 

Sourced from: Kinto 

Photography by Bobbi Lin