Artemide Tizio Classic Task Lamp

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Thanks to a design that’s dictated by a pair of counterweights, the Tizio Desk Lamp allows you to direct light in a specific direction. Designed by Richard Snapper for Artemide in 1972, it fuses form and function while making ease-of-use a priority. It adjusts with a push or pull of the hand and stays in place without needing to be tightened. 

By conducting the electricity through the arms, it takes away the need for visible wires. When Sapper launched his design, halogens were rarely used in product design for the home. Though it had become a common product of the automotive industry, Sapper saw how he could combine the halogen bulb with a small reflector to create a perfectly concentrated light. Today, you can opt for an LED source or add a bottom support to turn it into a floor lamp.

Photo Courtesy of Lumens