Theragun Elite Percussive Therapy Device

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A smart, ultra-quiet percussive therapy device that works deep to relieve muscle tension, soreness and pain and speed recovery.

The Elite is a smart device enabled with Bluetooth® connectivity and pairs seamlessly with the Therabody app. Once paired with your device, the app can remotely adjust speed, activate guided treatment presets and make real-time recommendations based on your usage. Five built-in speeds let you customize your treatment with up to 40 lb. of force. Customize it further by using the five attachments: the standard ball for overall use; a dampener for tender or near-bone areas; a thumb attachment for lower-back and trigger-point therapy; a cone for pinpointed muscle treatment; a wedge for scraping shoulder blades or IT bands. The patented ergonomic grip makes it comfortable to use—simply turn it on and instantly release knots and spasms, encourage natural pain relief and improve muscle strength, flexibility, coordination and performance.