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The Luminous Electronic Bargraph Clock is made using gas discharge tubes left over from the Cold War era. Although gas discharge tubes were displaced by LEDs, Nuvitron have rescued some new-for-old stock and given them new purpose. Combined with state of the art electronics and wrapped in a gorgeous, hand-made, wooden enclosure, the Bargraph Clock provides three modes of operation for endless hours of entertainment. 

Laid flat along its length, with the LED on the left, it is in clock mode. The upper reading displays the hours and the lower reading shows the minutes. 

In the vertical position with the LED at the bottom, it acts as a sound level meter, displaying the intensity of the sound within your environment.In the vertical position with the LED at the top, it acts as a timer. 

The timer can be set to count down from 1, 5 or 10 minutes using the buttons on the back and is accompanied by a mesmerising, pendulum effect.