The Companion Group Outdoor Pizza Oven

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Pizza, pizza everywhere.

What could be better? You're out in your backyard, wind in your hair, and instead of waiting for the delivery person to arrive, you're spinning some dough, adding as much sauce and cheese as you can handle, and then taking in the aroma of the perfect pizza getting all melty and bubbly. This outdoor oven makes it happen in almost no time (it takes 15 minutes to heat up and 6 minutes to cook a pizza).

It's sturdy, yet lightweight, and fashioned with two pizza stones for even heating. Plus, it goes where no oven has gone before—tailgating, park days, camping trips, go nuts. It runs on propane, has an easy-turn ignition and can reach temperatures 700-800 degrees. Now that's what we call a slice of heaven.

Photography by Ty Mecham & James Ransom