ta04 bigfoot table by Philipp Mainzer & Florian Asche for E-15

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Considered a design classic, the TA04 Bigfoot has become an identifiable icon for e15. The table top is made of seven or eight 40 mm (1 5/8 inch) thick boards. The solid wood legs always include the centre of the tree. The square legs measure 135 x 135 mm (5 1/4 x 5 1/4 inch) and intersect with the table top featuring the end grain with its annual rings. During the seasoning of solid wood, the legs form their characteristic cracks, which make every table unique. The supporting substructure provides a clearance underneath of 625 mm (24 5/8 inch). It is assembled from three parts. 

 Born in Hamburg, Philipp Mainzer studied product design at Central Saint Martins University and architecture at the Architectural Association University in London. In 1995 Philipp Mainzer established e15 with Florian Asche. After completing various interior design projects in England, he worked in New York as an architect. Today, he is managing partner and creative director of e15. 

 Following his tailor's apprenticeship, Florian Asche studied product design at Central Saint Martins University in London. After gaining experience in various design agencies, he returned to Germany where he became Sales Director of e15. In 2006, Florian Asche left the company to devote more time to product design and his own projects.

Photo courtesy of Hive