Studio Stockhome Scented Candle

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What it is: A hand-poured candle reflects the brand's commitment to fine craftsmanship with high-quality perfume oils blended with natural vegetable wax.

Cotton: A clean, crisp fragrance that evokes fresh spring air. A whiff of lavender and violet drift above a bed of rich amber and woody oakmoss. Deceptively understated, this complex scent is compellingly serene.

Style: fresh.

Notes: lavender, rose, violet, lily, amber, musk, oakmoss.

Pomelo: The pure essence of a citrus orchard. Sunny, sweet, sublime. Juicy pomelo mingles with bittersweet cassis and tart pomegranate. A kiss of jasmine at the base matures this fragrance to full, lush ripeness that's beguiling and delectable.

Style: citrus.

Notes: pomelo, cassis, pomegranate, apple, rhubarb, rose, jasmine.

Cedar: A warm and inviting fragrance that's reminiscent of a walk through a forest. Green and herbal notes lead you to a heart of cedar and honey-sweet guaiacwood. The journey ends with smoldering smoke and earthy musk, creating a peaceful, glowing comfort.

Style: woody, aromatic.

Notes: cedarwood, wood smoke, sandalwood, guaiacwood, amber, musk.

Tea Rose: A modern ode on a classic fragrance, worthy of the bloom that inspires it. Verdant verbena notes open to creamy tea rose petals and jasmine, with base notes of woody oakmoss and rich oud. Eternally familiar yet lovingly refreshed.

Style: Floral.

Notes: Sage, rose, jasmine, oud, oakmoss, patchouli, spice.

Photo Courtesy of Studio Stockhome