Esselle Magnetic Stoneware & Bamboo Mug

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Cup in a cup.

Clever, convertible, and pretty cute, too: stackable stoneware and bamboo mugs. The bamboo bases are held on with a stainless steel plate, and easily removable to catch a tea bag after steeping. We’re also filling the bamboo bases with snacky bites (like a sweet and spicy pretzel mix). 

Made in: China 

Made of: Stoneware mug, bamboo bowl, magnetic stainless steel plate 

Size: Mug is 3.25" in diameter x 4.25" H, holds 8 ounces; detachable bamboo bowl is 3.25" in diameter, holds 2 ounces 

Sourced from: Esselle 

Photography by Julia Gartland