Steel & Wood Magnetic Refrigerator Rack

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See ya, junk drawer. 

This Japanese-designed magnetic rack sticks right to the side of your fridge (or screws into any wall) to make a pretty resting spot for all of those odds and ends that would otherwise be languishing in the dreaded junk drawer. Use the shelves to store anything from spices to a jar of paper clips, and hang favorite utensils, oven mitts, measuring spoons, and bottle openers from the hooks at the bottom. The removable ash dowels can hold everything from a dishcloth to a roll of kitchen twine to paper towels. How’s that for multipurpose? 

Made in: China 

Made of: Steel, ash, and magnets. Includes holes at the top and bottom to screw into the wall. 

Size: 12.6" L x 4" W x 14" H 

Sourced from: Yamazaki

Photography by Bobbi Lin