Staub Petite French Oven Stovetop Rice Cooker

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With the grain.

This rice cooker channels the function of your countertop cooker with the simplicity of your cast iron pots, available in two finishes: grey enamel or matte black enamel. We’re reaching for it whenever we need to cook a pot of rice or other grains—which it does perfectly, the condensation collecting on the enamel lid and dripping back into the pot, keep the grains moist and fluffy—or even when we need to boil a couple of eggs. The 0.75-quart pot is perfect for a small batch of rice, and the 1.5-quart pot is just right for cooking a couple of servings’ worth. Plus, the handle is oven-safe, which means you can start whatever you’re cooking on the stove and finish it in the oven. (And we dare you to show us a cuter rice cooker. Come on!)

Photography by Bobbi Lin/Food52.