Billy Twang Grand Prize Pit Model One Grill

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The Billy Twang® Grand Prize Pit Model One is a straight forward, substantial, industrial strength barbeque pit made for fire cookin’. Combining function and style, along with some ol’ fashion American ingenuity, the Grand Prize Pit is designed for grilling and smoking. Model One is pure stainless steel and built by hand in America, ‘nough said! Stainless steel manages Mother Nature with ease and is very low maintenance. For Grilling Model One comes equipped with an adjustable charcoal grate for heat and flame control—a choice feature that makes good grillin’ great. Billy Twang always finishes the meat with a flavorful char. For Smoking The lump charcoal and wood go on the left side of the Grand Prize Pit and the meat on the right. The heat is indirect, only smoke gently bathes your meat. And refueling your fire is easy, because the meat grate is halved.