Smilow Woven Leather Lounge Chair

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Beginning in 1949 and spanning through the height of the midcentury era, Mel Smilow showed Americans that design should be clean, high-quality, and accessible. Inspired by her father's original drawings, Judy Smilow has brought back a number of his designs while staying committed to the goal of hand-crafting modern heirlooms that will last a lifetime. Produced by artisans in the same county of Pennsylvania as the initial pieces were made, the materials are all sourced from dedicated family-run businesses, including leather carefully treated by a Napa-based company and solid American hardwood. Each Smilow Woven Leather Armchair and Ottoman is offered with a lifetime warranty and is finished to perfection, making them just as handsome from the back as they are from the front.

Photo: Courtesy of Smilow Design LLC