Slim Leather Wallet & Charger from Nomad

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A beautiful, minimalist wallet with a built-in full charge for your iPhone. 

Nomad builds mobile accessories that integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle and products that empower your mobility. They prototyped through many designs, materials and fabrication techniques until they reached two final units that truly embodied everything one would want in a leather wallet, while also stealthily integrating a complete charging system for your smart phone. 

Features include: 

  1. Integrated high-powered battery and Lightning cable provides one full charge for an iPhone 6s 
  2. Horween leather takes on your personal patina and gets better with age 
  3. Elegant stitching using pre-stretched, beeswaxed linen thread 
  4. RFID blocking technology 
  5. Includes Micro USB cable for charging integrated battery