Stickbulb Sky Bang Chandelier

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Inspired by the dynamic shapes of exploding fireworks and reminiscent of abstract trees, the Bang Series rides the line between timeless minimalism and playful whimsy. The Sky Bang Chandelier is comprised of a central metal "knuckle" component which holds six bulbs of differing lengths. A clamping mechanism allows for the leveling of the LED lamps, which can be oriented to provide ambient, reflective uplight or more direct task oriented downlight. Metal component is offered in white, blackened steel, matte black, slate grey, polished nickel and brushed brass finishes. Polycarbonate diffusers. Metal canopy. Includes a 72" field adjustable stem. Also available in 2400k, 2700k and 4000k Color Temperatures. Available with slope adapter and extra stem for hanging. Please call (866) 234-3137 to order. 

Stickbulb is a lighting brand created in 2012 by RUX, an internationally acclaimed, multidisciplinary studio in New York City. Their contemporary designs, based upon every architect's dream to "build with light," are constructed from sleek, wooden, illuminated beams and interchangeable components that allow for unlimited customization and creativity. Stickbulb offers smaller products like the 2 Foot Torch Table Lamp and larger products like the 4X Truss Chandelier that use energy efficient LED bulbs, local manufacturing and sustainably sourced wood to create innovative, environmentally friendly lighting.

Photo Courtesy of Stickbulb