SIN Handwoven Beach Towels

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Simplicity, seaside. 

Spread out this beach towel in all its understated elegance and admire it for a moment or two. Then stretch out over that super-absorbent 50/50 cotton hemp blend, listen to the waves crashing, and appreciate the comfort of the fabric up close. These beauties were handwoven in Leicester, North Carolina from 100% naturally-dyed fabric, because SIN focuses on using high-quality materials and paying fair wages. Bonus: It’s versatile! Use it at the beach, on your table, around your neck, or over your shoulders when the sun goes down. 

About the natural dye process: The Indigo color is produced from pigment from the Indigo plant and dyed with rain water. To produce the rust color, the pigment comes from a Cutch Tree and dyed with rain water.

Photography by Ty Mecham, Rocky Luten