Shantell Martin x Joya Candle

Shantell Martin x Joya Candle


Artist Shantell Martin and Joya have collaborated on a candle that brings attention to the passage of time. The themes are focus, everyday hours and minutes spent, and the ways in which an artist chooses to spend their time. Developed with Shantell’s input, Joya scent selections (with notes of shaded green tea, ocean air, heliotrope petals, vanilla flower and more) are meant to enhance these timely motifs!

The classic candle glass votive is screen printed and features original artwork drawn and handwritten by Shantell herself. The candle has two wax layers and two different scents.

First Layer

"Silk Pajamas" (black wax)A blur—sheer, out-of-reach—whose sudden, dramatic yet nuanced herbal inflections stimulate all at once.  

Second Layer

"Dragon Well" (uncolored wax)Uplifting, energizing gyokuro tea—settled and supported by a classic, creamy white floral, woody-musk base: Traditional with a meticulous edge.