Seed Design Numen Table Lamp

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Flexible, mold-able and interactive, the Seed Design Numen Table Lamp puts the fun in function. Made of silicone, this entertaining lamp is heat resistant, nontoxic, and totally safe for people of all ages. Let your creativity flow and discover new and interesting shapes this lamp can be molded into. Great for a nightlight as well, the illumination shines for 20 minutes after being turned off, lulling you to sleep. 

Starting from pure ambition and passion, Chao-Cheng decided shortly after receiving a degree in Engineering that his heart just wasn’t in it. After noticing that the values of design and patents were not appreciated or respected, Chao-Chen wanted to show the world that Taiwan can create original designs and compete with the rest of the world in creativity and innovation. He rented an office and started Seed Design with only six original designs. Seed Design has had their share of ups and downs, but passion and determination has always been the backbone and driving force. Proving that the statement "passion reads" does ring true.

Photo Courtesy of Architonic