Graypants Moon White Scraplight Pendant

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Handmade with layers of corrugated cardboard, the Graypants Moon White Scraplight Pendant replicates the familiar warmth of a full moon with a pure white finish. Exchanging the natural look of raw cardboard for the custom white paper, the ambient light becomes softer and more nurturing, revealing intricate lines of light and shadow across the shade. Graypants maintains their ideals of sustainable production with this new series, using only FSC-certified paper and environmentally-friendly treatments for the cardboard. 

Founded in 2007 in Seattle, Washington, Graypants is the creative brainchild of architects Seth Grizzle and Jonathan Junker. Known for their acclaimed first line of pendant lights made entirely of repurposed cardboard, Graypants has matured into an industrial and product design studio with a diverse portfolio of lighting focused on responsible production. Each pendant is characterized by this philosophy of local and sustainable production, and the company has even branched out to the European market stationed in Amsterdam. Never losing sight of the fun in designing, Graypants is young, fresh and current, meeting the demands of today's need for sustainable design.

Photo courtesy of Graypants