Ryobi P505 Cordless Circular Saw

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Look no further than the Ryobi P505 for your household woodcutting needs. Its cordless power will let you take this all over your property for demolition projects or DIY construction needs. At 4,700 revolutions per minute, it boasts power similar to corded circular saws, but with the portability of a cordless one. Along with this portability is a collection of features that make it easy to handle in different environments. It has a rubber grip over the handles that increases friction between your hands and the tool for maximum control. It also features an extra handle on the left side of the unit, giving you more control and visibility over your work. Beyond that, to cut wherever you need around the house, you can adjust the angle of the bevel up to 50 degrees. With a 5 1/2" blade included, you’ll be ready to go straight out of the box if you have a Ryobi battery in your collection beforehand. If you want to switch the blade out, an onboard compartment holds a wrench so you can make quick changes on the fly without having to spend time looking for tools. Whether you’re a diy builder, homeowner, or professional looking for a reliable backup, the P505 from Ryobi will serve you well.