Iittala Ruutu 7 Inch Tall Vase

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The fluidity and vibrant feel of mouth blown glass creates the delicate character for the new Iittala vase, Ruutu. When collected and combined, they make small seamless installations where both the strength and the delicate nature of the glass come alive. Ruutu might be simple in shape, but it takes the most skilled craftsmen in the glass factory to produce. Designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, each vase has the designers name engraved on the base. 

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec are brothers and designer based in Paris. They have been working together for 15 years, bonded by diligence and challenged by their distinct personalities. They have collaborated with key players in the design industry such as Vitra, Magis, Cappellini, Hay and more. 

Each Ruutu vase is unique - mouth blown into a steel mold and polished by hand. Designer engraving on the bottom of each vase. The difficult shape and intensive colors of the Ruutu vases require very skillful craftsmen to work during 24 hour production process of one vase. It takes 7 craftsmen to blow one vase. The fluidity of mouth blown glass and the vibrant quality of the flat surfaces create an elegant combination with the geometric shape. Ruutu vases are offered in five sizes and various color options.