Rotenburo Air Japanese Hot Springs Experience Set

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For thousands of years, hot springs have been sought out by bathers looking to soothe their soul through a mentally relaxing and physically rejuvenating soak. The Japanese Hot Springs Experience Set contains four individual use packets with each soak dedicated to a specific mineral hot spring bath: magnesium chloride, sulfur, magnesium sulfate, and sodium bicarbonate. Each soak is a deeply soothing experience and has its own distinct benefits rooted in traditional Japanese bathing culture. THE FRAGRANCE: Take a sensorial journey to Japan and be transported to a breathtaking hillside open-air rotenburo bath. 

Experience fresh air, rejuvenation, and renewal. Japanese yuzu citrus relaxes and brings positivity to the body and mind while wild orange replenishes, revives and uplifts. A refreshing mix of select feminine conifers such as organic white pine and organic balsam fir add brightness and the scent of clean, crisp air. Monarda flower relieves stress and promotes positivity while white frankincense reduces tension and encourages slow breathing.