Rich Brilliant Willing Hoist Wall Sconce

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The Hoist Wall Sconce was designed in 2017, and is made in USA. Playful yet durable, the Hoist Wall Sconce is a charming addition to any space. Mounted to the wall by a circular, aluminum backplate, this modern wall light features a steel shade and a frosted glass diffuser. The glass diffuser is fixed in the middle of the shade and conceals the LED light source. While a stunning fixture on its own, arrange this wall sconce in multiples of the same size or a combination of different sizes to create a dynamic lighting display that doubles as wall art. The Hoist Wall Sconce is an ideal fixture for adding diffused, ambient light in hallways, bathrooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and outdoor living spaces. 

Rich Brilliant Willing is an all LED lighting company that was established in New York City in 2007. Their modern creations are simple, expressive and intelligent, incorporating high quality materials and careful craftsmanship. With pieces like the playful, eye-catching Crisp Wall/Ceiling Light and the iconic, geometric Witt 1 Chandelier, creativity has garnered the company's designers awards and recognition, including a place in Forbes Magazine's "30 Under 30" in Art & Design.

Photo Courtesy of Rich Brilliant Willing