Retro Classic -Bluetooth Keyboards

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The retro keyboard your fingers have been dreaming about

 Even if you aren't among the many who've been salivating over the latest mechanical keyboards, believe us: your fingers will thank you. From the first keystroke, we could tell that typing on the Retro Classic was like nothing we had ever used before. It's one handsome devil of a keyboard, but let's put that aside for a moment: the real secret is in the analog switches beneath every key. These mechanical switches not only deliver a modestly clicky and satisfying tactile feel, but actually register each keypress about halfway down in the keystroke — meaning you can type lighter, faster, more accurately, and more comfortably. 


  •  Zinc aluminum alloy keyboard frame with a beautiful satin copper finish
  • LED backlights are situated perfectly at the center of each key, illuminating the keyboard evenly and beautifully 
  • Compatible with both Mac and PC layouts, and includes interchangeable keycaps that correspond to each 
  • Connect via USB or Bluetooth technology

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