Castor Design Recycled Tube Light

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The Recycled Tube Light - Pendant Light by Castor gives a glimpse of the future of lighting and industrial design. This creative linear pendant light repurposes burnt-out fluorescent tubes, giving them a new life as a stylish home or office decor. The shade is completely constructed of these fluorescent tubes, creating a warmth of radiance that these symbols of the modern office could never have hoped to achieve when they graced various office spaces. The fluorescent tubes comprising the shade are secured using supporting steel bands. The electrical cords are purposefully tangled to further enhance the pendant light's post-industrial aesthetic. 

Castor Design landed on the art deco lighting and furniture scene in 2006, boasting a youthful spirit with their varied recycled works. Kei Ng and Brian Richer, founders of Castor Design, focused on creating custom lighting and furniture options made out of recycled and reused materials, such as burned out light bulbs, to give discarded elements a new life. Eclectic chandeliers, minimalist pendants, and chic tables and stools give Castor Design a certain edge in the lighting and design markets.

Photo Courtesy of Lumens