Raw Dark Chocolate Truffles with Sprouted Nuts & Seeds - Box of 12

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Luxury, decadence and spectacular tastes and textures meet nutrition and health in Hnina Groumet's assortment of 12 truffles. All cerfitifed organic ingredients and zero additives. Nothing but raw cacao, just a bit of nourishing raw honey, pure maple syrup and pure vanilla bean. This 88% dark chocolate is mixed inside and out with seven inspiring combinations of nuts or seeds: almond + hazelnut, macadamia + pistachio, Brazil nut + almond + coconut, walnut + cashew, pecan + pine nut, pistachio + hazelnut, seeds: flax + pumpkin + sunflower + sesame. Non-GMO, no pesticides, no preservatives, no emulsifiers, no waxes, no dairy, Vegan, Paleo, soy free, Kosher parve.