Raaka Chocolate Daily Dose Chocolate Pack (30 Pieces)

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Bean to bite.

A month’s worth of chocolatey pick-me-ups? Count us in. This box is filled to the brim with 30 bite-sized bars, each one individually wrapped and ready for snacking (or stashing in the pantry for later). The sweetest bit: It all comes from a Brooklyn-based chocolatier who works with sustainably sourced, unroasted beans—so you’ll taste the lively character of natural cacao in each bite.

Take your pick from four flavors: Pink Sea Salt, 100% Cocoa, Oat Milk, or Coconut Milk. Or, try the lot with the mixed set (which comes with eight Sea Salt, eight Oat Milk, seven 100% Cocoa, and seven Coconut Milk).

Made in Brooklyn, NY.