Quorum International Modern Keyless Flushmount

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Sleek and stylish. Elevate your modern home with the refined bare-bulb design of the Modern Keyless Flushmount from Quorum International. Its streamlined construction is a game-changer across the ceiling, presenting itself with crisp metal shapes. A knurled ring at the base of the lamp holder highlights the modern machined quality of the design through tactile texture. Twist in a bulb and watch how its rounded shape blends elegantly with the forms of the structure. When turned on, its vibrant glow radiates out, touching down across the corners of a room.

Unique products for unique customers. That's what Quorum International has been creating since 1981. From their headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, Quorum designs ceiling fans and lighting fixtures in a wide range of styles to meet a wide range of discerning tastes. The high quality of these pieces ensures that their beauty will last for many years to come.

Photo Courtesy of Quorum International