Biegert & Funk QLOCKTWO TOUCH Table Alarm Clock

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Wake up in fine style with a QLOCKTWO TOUCH Table Alarm Clock by Biegert & Funk. Featuring a matrix of letters on the front panel that illuminate with energy-efficient LED lights on the inside, the clock delivers time with words. It also boasts an automatic brightness control and touch snooze function. This precise quartz alarm clock is designed with a slim profile, making it a perfect addition to a minimalistic bedroom décor.

Creators of products, art objects and functional accessories, German design studio Biegert & Funk were founded with the goal of creating brand experiences. The passion that they put into their designs has led to internationally successful products such as the QLOCKTWO Clock line and recognition from the worldwide design community as evidenced by their more than twenty international design awards.

Photo Courtesy of QLOCKTWO