Proclamation Goods Co. The Proclamation Cookware Duo

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Better together.

Three pieces, so many possibilities. This pared-down cookware set is designed to take on any—and we mean any—cooking task it meets. First, there’s the skillet: It’s a shoo-in for searing and sautéing, of course, but it’s also deep enough to pan-fry potatoes or simmer meatballs. Then, there’s the pot: Its deep, wok-like shape makes it a pasta and stir-fry pro, while the wide surface area lets you oven-roast a whole chicken if you please. Oh, and let’s not forget the lid, which just so happens to match both of these game-changers.

That’s not all though because—hold the phone—the skillet doubles as a lid too. Pop it upside-down over the pot, and you’ve got yourself a Dutch oven. (The handles even nest inside each other so things stay put.) It’s all made of quick-heating stainless steel that cleans up easy in the dishwasher if need be. Oh, and did we mention everything you see is built in Wisconsin and made to last a lifetime? Of course it is.