Planetary Design Opaque Airtight Coffee Storage Containers

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For your best beans.

Coffee beans start to lose their flavor and freshness the second they come out of the roaster, and that process speeds up as soon as they’re exposed to air and light. Keep your beans super fresh with these simple stainless steel storage canisters, which come outfitted with a patented inner lid that forces out air and an opaque exterior to keep them in the dark, preserving maximum freshness (it works for nuts, seeds, and spices, too!). Snag more tips for upgrading your morning brew here. 

Made in: China 

Made of: Stainless Steel, BPA free Polypropelyne 

Size: Small: 4" in diameter and holds 1/2 pound; Medium: 7" in diameter and holds 1 pound. Variety set includes 1 of each size. 

Sourced from: Planetary Design

Photography by Rocky Luten.