PK Grill & Smoker with Rib Rack

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Rust-proof, durable and ready to sling some dogs and burgers at your next cookout.

The PK Grill has something of a cult following in the South, for a couple good reasons. For one, Southerners take grilling pretty darn seriously, and for two these cast aluminum grills are near indestructible — many of the thousands from the original run in the 60s and 70s are still around today. PK was brought back to life in the late 90s, and for once a brand rebirth got it right: same great grill with killer construction and portability. 

Each grill is cast from a rust-proof aluminum body in the USA and features four air vents that provide a wide range of airflow and temperature options. The grill capsule is guaranteed for 10 years against burnout, rust or breakage. 

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