Arper Pix One Seat Ottoman

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Graphic silhouette and color define the soft, generous volumes of Pix. A family of ottomans, at once inviting and iconic, Pix provides a casual touch of comfort in both contract and residential environments, inside or outside. Small one-seat and large one, three- and five-seat sizes are available in a range of fabrics and colors. 

 Pix is also available to accommodate use in outdoor spaces (please call to specify). Pix Outdoor is made of an interior polyurethane structure covered with a fast-drying fabric in polyester, in one-seat and three-seat sizes. Five-seat version is available on request. Enter Pix Mini, a small- sized pouf suited for children or adults - soft, colorful and casual. While its dimensions are considerably more diminutive than its family members, its applications are equally diverse: table, seat or backrest when sitting on the floor. Pix Mini is now available in a stool version, giving an extra bit of height for younger family members. Any way you use it, its simplicity, comfort and fun are unrivaled. Pix collection also includes an adjustable table in a variety of finish options.

Photo courtesy of Hive Modern