Peg and Awl Reclaimed Wood Kitchen or Bath Cubby

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A block of history.

Keep your precious herbs, spices, or bath necessities close in this petite reclaimed walnut (salvaged from 1800s Philadelphia buildings!) cubby. With hardware for hanging, it really can go anywhere: up on the wall by your stove, inside the pantry, in that awkward space above your toilet, or right on the counter. Sized to fit three mason jars on each shelf, it’s perfect for stocking with your most frequently used essentials, but why stop there? Whatever you need nearby the most—whether that’s sugars and baking soda, teas and coffee supplies, or sprigs of flowers and utensils and cotton balls and lotion—this rack will stash it. Just how you stock it is limited only by your imagination.

Since each piece is made from reclaimed walnut, the exact finish will vary in appearance.