Paper & Tea Master Tea Blends

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The tea collection to rule them all. 

No matter your mood, there’s bound to be a tea in this collection to match it. Choose from one of these dynamic duos and then sip away. Blended especially for end-of-day unwinding, the Sweet Lullaby includes lavender and chamomile and comes with the floral-meets-spicy-juniper Brave New Earl. Or opt for the elderflower and apricot Perfect Day with it’s sunshiny pal, Unter Den Linden which has got all sorts of summer fruit and flower flavors. Maybe you’re in an extra-fruity state of mind though, in which case nab the Berry Pomp and then follow with the exotic Cederberg Chai (it’s a caffeine-free number with a ginger and licorice kick).

Photo Courtesy of Food52