Ore 05 by Bulbul

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Meet Ore, the third in a series of contemporary Danish timepieces by KiBiSi for Bulbul. Reduced to the essential elements of timekeeping, the well-made watch is versatile enough to suit any lifestyle. Premium Italian leather, ultra-durable sapphire glass, high-grade German steel, a gold-plated Swiss movement and nearly 10 years worth of battery life prove that its been "crafted to make the material durability match the aesthetic sustainability." Available in 7 chic color combinations – from black on black to gold and tan – there’s an option for every taste. To top it all off, a distinctive bright blue loop on each wristband reminds the wearer of the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into its creation. The Ore is a realization of bulbul’s "creative quest to actualize products that last for generations;" durable and timeless, the functional accessory may live on long after you’re gone.