Steep Echo Olive Leaf Tea Set

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Steep Echo utilizes olive leaf in its all natural, caffeine free herbal teas. By combining this ancient and revered botanical with other flavorful, health-promoting botanicals, Steep Echo has created an innovative collection of teas unlike any other to treat your senses while bettering your body and easing your mind. Our tea set includes 3 of our 5 blends -- Ascent, Repose and Tend. 

  • Ascent: A natural sweetness prevails with cinnamon, vanilla and baking spices, all complemented by the comforting bite and bitterness of the olive leaf. Uplifting without caffeine or sugar. 
  • Repose: Classic earthy character of authentic European-style herbal teas while the chamomile flowers laced with the essences of blooming roses bring a garden-fresh quality. Relax your body and free your mind. 
  • Tend: A sublime mix of grassy notes punctuated by bright and juicy notes of pomegranate and mango. Detoxifies and cleanses the body, and aids in digestion. 

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