Objekto Paulistano Armchair in Leather

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As a Brazilian designer who was a member of the "Paulist brutalist" avant-garde in the 1950s, Paulo Mendes da Rocha gained international fame when he received the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2006. At that time, Design Within Reach reintroduced the Paulistano Armchairs, a 1957 design that was never before made available in America. The original chair was designed for the Paulistano Athletic Club in São Paulo, Brazil, and is supported by a continuous 17-foot-long piece of phosphatized carbon steel that’s welded in one place. This is consistent with the original raw material that was used in 1957, and is meant to oxidize slowly over time. The chair is then wrapped with vegetable-tanned leather that’s meant to flex slightly. The seat can be adjusted along the frame for varying levels of seating angles.

Photo Courtesy of Design Within Reach