Nomadix Adventure Towels

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The adventure-ready towel for all outdoor enthusiasts. 

Our globe-trotting Huckberry ambassador, Chris Burkard, is the Michael Jordan of outdoor photography—he’s also known for having a clutch shot but his shooting is done behind a camera in some absurdly harsh terrain instead of a basketball court. Chris is also a particular guy when it comes to his gear, and he only endorses products that can handle his rigorous travels, so collaborating with Nomadix was a no-brainer for him. As the ultimate in multi-functionality, Nomadix towels are specifically designed to be an all-in-one adventure towel that’s highly-absorbent and ideal for camping, yoga, travel, and a day at the beach. With a dry time that’s four times faster than cotton and a highly compactable construction, Nomadix is the game-changing towel for anyone looking to capitalize on the killer warm weather that’s ahead.