Nemo Equipment Fillo Camp Pillow


An insanely soft and inflatable camp pillow that inflates itself.

Nemo’s design process is guided by a single statement: "Never bring anything to market that isn’t significantly better than what’s already available." Simple on its face, but that’s the mantra that keeps their range of camping and outdoor goods fresh, innovative, and downright useful. They’re the kind of things that are packed with those little elements that make things better by degrees, like a built-in foot pump for a sleeping pad or a perfectly positioned piece of memory foam on a travel pillow—small details that add up to a better experience when you’re in the great outdoors. With a combination of a baffled air cell, thick luxury foam, and a soft, washable microsuede, jersey cover, the award-winning Fillo travel pillow is one of the comfiest we’ve ever come across.