Nathan Yong Cove Bed

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"Giving respect to materials and craft is very important," says Nathan Yong, and in the case of the Cove Bed (2017), he applied respect everywhere. The inner edges of side rails, footboard and headboard, for instance, are rounded over rather than squared off. "I wanted to create a bed that’s sturdy but not clunky," he says, "and to make the mattress seem like it’s ‘tucking into’ the bed frame." The turned-and-tapered bedposts also honor wood and craftsmanship, with tops that are subtly cupped. "It’s just a small thing, but then you touch it and there’s this moment that touches your senses," he says. "Maybe a child who plays with the cupped tops of the bedposts will remember that touch years later if becoming owner of this bed." Made in Malaysia.

Photo Courtesy of Design Within Reach