Pour l'air Nap Lovers Candle

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The Story. an open window. a gentle breeze bringing wafts of a fig tree intoxicating with its slightly rotting roots nourishing its surroundings. crisp white linen just pulled off the clothesline. muffled noise from distant happenings and a slow peaceful drift in and out of conscious. grounding roots. clean linen. black fig. her body wandering, not her mind. drifting. drifting. she left that moment. yet for years later she would close her eyes and remember, relive. it was a moment of renew. 

The Purpose. nap lovers is designed to put you in a place where you are in that half awake phase called hypnagogia. where you feel the calmness and goodness of nature, of someone that cares and has taken the time to create a space for you to simply be. it’s to give you a moment. 

The Character. gentle, rhythmic and sensual with a bright after thought. slight sour settles into the cotton wrinkled from her weight and the sun that earlier dried them. cozy fresh calm. 

The Notes. sensually calm notes of black fig, roots, dirt and sun warmed cotton sheets.

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