MYZOO Spaceship Gamma Pet Bed

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For the past few years, we’ve been studying and designing the coziest bed for cat. After series of designing, field-testing, and remodeling, we are proud to present one of our finest piece of work, Spaceship Series.

Each component in Spaceship Series provides specific function; the transparent acrylic provides a secure environment by giving the cat a much wider eyesight; the four air holes on the body creates better air circulation and reduce the echo that may cause in a surrounded space. Just to make Spaceship Series more interesting, we design three types Spaceships, and they are Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. 

Alpha - with the shape of a capsule, provides larger space area for pet to sleep.

Beta - with the shape of a rocket, suitable for household with limited space.

Gamma – located on the wall, allows the cat to be perched viewing from above. We like to welcome you to join this space fantasy with us, along with your meow of course.