Myrtle & Thistle Wreath

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Flower power.

Freshly picked from Creekside Farms in Monterey County, California, bright blue thistles and deep green myrtle will liven up your wall, hall, or front door. Your handmade wreath arrives ready to hang straight out of the box. It’s an unexpected and delightfully 3-dimensional way to perk up a living space gone stale. 

Ships via 2-day express. Orders take 3 business days to process. The wreath should be removed immediately upon receipt by cutting the cable ties under the box. Minimal handling is recommended, especially once the wreath has begun to dry. 

Made in: Monterey County, California 

Made of: Myrtle, savory, blue thistle, ammonium, wire ring 

Size: Roughly 16" in diameter x 4" thick. 

Sourced from: Creekside Farms 

Photography by Mark Weinberg.