Monte Carlo Fans Colony II Ceiling Fan

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Small yet mighty. Add a comforting breeze to a small space with the Colony II Ceiling Fan. Available in four finishes that let you match your decor.

Design-driven and high performing, Monte Carlo Fan Company offers a wide variety of innovative ceiling fans, making it easy to find the perfect modern fan. Choose the space and leave the rest to Monte Carlo with its numerous fans that can fit any style.Inspire an entire look with a Monte Carlo fan, whether its a statement fan for a highly visible place or a utility fan to use throughout the home or a large commercial project. Monte Carlo has the perfect fan that fits style and comfort. Founded in 1996, Monte Carlo Fan Company has been a leader and innovator in the world of home decor, ensuring superior quality and innovative design. Dedicated to beautiful aesthetics and ultimate engineering, Monte Carlo offers fans that work efficiently and meticulously designed for exceptional performance.

Photo courtesy of Monte Carlo Fans