"Monday" duvet cover & pillows

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Monday Artist Duvet Covers and Pillows by Sarah Parke & Mark Barrow.

Mark Barrow and Sarah Parke first collaborated in 2008 with a painting exhibited in Barrow's first solo exhibition at White Columns in New York. Parke then began weaving the fabric for all of Barrow's subsequent paintings. As the textiles became increasingly complex and as weaving's logic became the conceptual framework that linked their diverse interests, it became harder to differentiate where one or the other's ideas began or ended. In 2013 the pair started working and exhibiting under a joint moniker. They live and work in Queens, New York. With their bedding Monday the artists expand their textile repertoire and created a tribute to the silent companion of our nights. The new 2018 ZigZagZurich artist bedding & print collection adds an exciting new roster of artists from around the globe – New York, Berlin, Zurich, London and beyond. We use high quality materials for printing the collection on, not synthetic fibers, with the same quality standard of Italian production we stand behind on all our ranges. Lovingly made in Italy, Art created with passion - Luxury Bedding for you. 100% Premium Cotton Sateen Duvet Cover and Pillows. Oekotex 100 Certified Fabric - No Harmful Dyes used in the Printing Process. Hidden Zip Enclosure on Duvet Cover and Pillows. Machine Wash Warm (60°) / Tumble Dry Low. Lovingly Made in Italy / Hand Finished. Custom sizes available please email us for more information.