Model No. Cynara Indoor Side Chair


The Cynara Side Chair - a perfect complement to the Cynara Outdoor Dining Table - effortlessly joins hand-finished hardwood legs with a sleek ergonomic seat to achieve both style and comfort. 

Engineered for sustainability and long conversations over great food and drinks together, the sculpted high-quality PLA seat is made from upcycled plants that is 3D printed into a remarkably comfortable seat. We mill the base and legs from FSC-Certified hardwood and interlock it with half lap joinery that endures the test of time. We hand finish this chair with organic oils to bring this elevated design to a refined finish. 

The Cynara Side Chair is made of durable plant-based PLA and high-quality hardwoods that season exceptionally well with your care. Should you prefer this design with arms or want to mix and match, the Cynara Arm Chair or the Cynara Bench are perfect complements. Complete your outdoor gathering space with the Cynara Dining Table.