Rosti Mepal Microwavable Nested Storage Bowls (Set of 4)

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Four Bowl Wonder.

We don’t always (okay, almost never) have time to set a full dinner table each night, complete with silverware and cloth napkins and vegetable sides in nice serving platters. These are the bowls that adapt to how we live and eat pretty much the rest of the time. Use them to store food in the fridge or freezer. Come dinnertime, heat your fixin’s in the microwave (sans lids), and serve directly out of the bowls. After you’re done, stick them in the dishwasher, then nest or stack ’em for compact storage. The 100% airtight and leak-proof design makes it a handy not sad desk lunch accessory, too! 

Made of: BPA-free Polypropylene

Size: Shallow Bowls (Set of 4): 350 mL is 4.9" in diameter x 2.3" H, holds 11.8 ounces; 750 mL is 6.3" in diameter x 2.7" H, holds 25.4 ounces; 1.25 L is 7.6" in diameter x 3.1" H, holds 42.3 ounces; 2.25 L is 8.9" in diameter x 3.5" H, holds 76.1 ounces; Deep Bowls (Set of 4): 500 mL is 4.9" in diameter x 3.3" H, holds 16.9 ounces; 1 L is 6.3" in diameter x 3.9" H, holds 33.8 ounces; 2 L is 7.6" in diameter x 4.5" H, holds 67.6 ounces; 3 L is 8.9" in diameter x 5.1" H, holds 101.4 ounces 

Photo Courtesy of Rocky Luten for Food52