Memphis Milano Birds Rug

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What is most captivating about Nathalie Du Pasquier is the confidence with which she transitions from design to painting. Or, perhaps such a dichotomy isn’t entirely correct, given that her work isn’t based on any form of "transition" but rather a stylistic code: a common denominator that pervades every expressive form. The presence of structure, of a solid yet lightweight construction: this is the common factor, the distinctive feature that allows bright colors and joyful decorum to grasp hold of a concrete architectural conceptuality, despite the fact that Nathalie isn’t actually an architect. Amongst the founding members of the legendary Memphis group, headed by Ettore Sottsass in the eighties, Nathalie Du Pasquier contributed to the world of design with the production of furniture, objects and fabrics inspired by her passion for Africa, with animal-print textures, totemic shapes, and almost ritualistic geometric embellishments. Exotic fascination and rigorous formality gave the exuberant creations of Memphis a touch of essential artistic depth.

Photo Courtesy of Yoox