Knoll Maya Lin Coffee Table

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A stone cold classic with contemporary style and materials. The Knoll Maya Lin Coffee Table is crafted into a shape both eye popping and subtle, which seamlessly settles into the surrounding décor with the help of its low key hues. Designed with eco friendliness in mind, this table is made of 100% recycled Polyethylene, which is coated in a low gloss finish that adds to its unassuming beauty. Because the material is recycled, it features an assortment of naturally occurring Black specs, adding to its earthy aesthetic. The top is also somewhat corvex, providing a smooth, rounded surface to place objects upon. Suitable indoors and outdoors. 

Knoll is Modern Always® because modern always works. For over 80 years, each chair, table, and desk has been conceived and constructed with a forward-thinking mentality, using the most advanced production methods and materials to create an immersive sensory experience that can last a lifetime. In doing so, the company has mastered the vital and nuanced elements behind furniture efficiency, ergonomics, and comfort while, at the same time, using recovery practices and materials that positively impact the environment.

Photo Courtesy of Lumens