Match Berti Italian Pocket Knives

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Tools that make the cut. 

Handmade in Italy since 1895, each Berti knife is created by one artisan from start to finish—the initials of the artist appear on the blade. Each hand-forged blade is exceptionally sharp and, with proper care, will last for generations. Each knife is foldable so they’re perfectly suited for an outdoor adventure—just in time for picnic weather. 

Choose from three offered: the Gobbo knife curves through the handle and blade and is good for small tasks like hulling strawberries; the Zuava knife, with a short blade and curved handle, is perfect for everyday tasks like cutting meat and cheeses; the Maremmano a Foglia has the largest blade—ideal for cutting fruits and vegetables. 

Each knife comes with twine and a box of matches, as the company believes that no one should ever leave the house without the tools for "cutting, binding and illumination." Consider yourself prepared.

Photo Courtesy of Food52